Watson Productions

P.O. Box 2528

Hollywood, Florida 33022




Corporate Video

These videos include product, service, or company promotional videos, training videos and informational  videos.   In addition we cover business meetings and seminars and all the like.

Watson Productions will strive to promote your product or company through various techniques. 

First in pre-production we can develop a storyboard or a script to determine the exact shots needed or wanted by the client to maximize the promotion of your product or company. 


Second in production we shoot in nothing but Hi Definition (1080) using a 3CCD digital video camera in widescreen (16X9).  We will use various camera angles.  Also the demonstration of a product by an individual (whether it be an actor or actress) can be very beneficial.  Finally the use of natural sound may also be important.

Third in post-production through professional special effects, editing and  transitions  we will put the finishing touch on maximizing the promotion of your company or product.   Narration can also be added (if appropriate).  Lastly we can also add music to give it feeling.