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Please note that this demo reel contains some older videos that were not shot in High- Definition (1080) and Widescreen (16X9).  Today however everything we shot is in High-Definition.

"Keeping History Alive"


This is another one of our specialties.  We take great pride in documentaries.  We do documentaries on places, historical events, religious events, towns, cities and buildings just to name a few.   Our  goal is to preserve history by documenting important and significant events and places.  Our mission is for future generations to be informed and educated on these subjects. Without these videos most of these subjects would be forgotten about or may not even be  known at all.  We are just wild about documentaries and history alike.  You give us the subject , we can videotape it.  

All shooting is done in Hi Definition (1080) using a 3CCD digital video camera in  widescreen (16X9).   Professional transitions, special effects, titles and editing will be included, along with appropriate music.  Natural sound and narration may be added as well.  Of course old films, photographs, and videos may be added as well to enhance the production.