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Please take note that this demo reel contains  some older  videos  that were not shot in High - Definition (1080)  and Widescreen (16X9).   Today however we only shoot in Hi-Definition.

 "Keeping Memories Alive"


This is also one of our specialties.  We incorporate the memories of families' genealogy and the history of families including individual biographies.  Genealogy videos cover family trees and or family histories and makes it come alive on video (DVD, Blu-ray).  Genealogy video is the story of your family brought to life on the T.V. screen through music, narration,  professional editing, transitions, titles and special effects.  The music will fit each scene.  For example, if the scene is Gettysburg's battlefield, the music will be from the Civil War.  Also rather than just hearing the story of where your grandparents lived and grew up, you can see it come alive like watching a movie only it's your movie, your history. 

This is very exciting for anyone in the family and for generations to come.  We will utilize all important photos and movie films(s) and/or videotape(s) to include in your production.  We will also include any other important item that can be scanned or recorded like a newspaper clipping or a diploma to put into your video.  This is the newest craze throughout the world, to trace your family tree and now it can be made into your own movie, starring your family.  Now that's exciting!

In addition we can go on location to obtain necessary video clips of the various important landmarks such as the church where your grandparents  were married or where your father went to school.   Today we shoot in nothing but Hi Definition (1080) & widescreen (16X9).  What makes this even better is the fact that it is produced based upon individual preference.   No two jobs are the same and no job is too small.  All of this is accomplished through professional editing, transitions, titles special effects,  narration (if desired) and of course music.