Industrial Video

At Watson Productions we shoot in nothing but Hi Definition (1080) using a 3CCD digital video camera in widescreen (16X9). 

We will strive to make your industrial video effective in marketing your product(s) or services by emphasizing it's value to potential clients.

Also if you or your company has the need to explain how to use a product to possible customers you have come to the right place.  Watson Productions will accomplish this for you.  

Also you have come to the right place If you need a detailed video about your company or corporation.  We can do that for you.     

We will use all techniques that are necessary to let your company or  corporation stand out amongst others.  We use all professional transitions, and editing.  Natural sound may be used as well as narration. 

Our goal is for these videos is to be as informative as possible and we will never over use transitions or editing that may take away the message that you are trying to convey.

Lastly,  narration may be a valuable  tool as well as music (if needed).

However once again it would not be used if it would take away from the message of the  production.

Watson Productions

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