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Please note that this demo reel contains some older videos that were not shot in Hi-Definition (1080) Widescreen (16x9).

Today however  we only, shoot in 


"Keeping Memories Alive"


Anniversaries, Birthday Parties

Today at Watson Productions we shoot in nothing but Hi Definition (1080) using a 3CCD digital video camera in Widescreen (16X9) .

Wedding Anniversaries are much like a wedding celebration.  We will videotape the party (reception).  We can also include renewing of your wedding vows.  A photo montage will be added in the beginning which will capture memories from your wedding day until the present.  Also your favorite choice of music, song(s) will be added. 

We also videotape birthday parties especially special birthday parties (sweet 16), 40th. 50th, 75th etc and all those in between.  We will cover the entire party;  from the guests arriving, the cake, to opening gifts.  Also a photo montage of the guest of honor from the time of when he or she was born, growing up and up to the present.  The montage will also accompany your favorite music song(s).  Professional titles, transitions, editing and special effects will be added.  We videotape all parties.  So if you have a party celebrating any event, contact us and will videotape it.  You provide the party, we will provide the video.