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"Keeping Memories Alive"


These types of videos pertain to travel  Primarily vacations or any kind trip that was done by car, train,  plane, bus or ship.  It is mainly video or film coverage that you or your family took while on a trip.  For example:   So you have all of this video coverage of Hawaii and basically you do not know what to do with it.   You took seven hours of video in Hawaii and you wish you could condense it to two hours.  Well your problem is solved.   Just come to Watson Productions and we will be glad to edit it down to two hours.  

In addition we will add professional titles where needed, professional special effects, and transitions.   Also we can dub out unwanted sound.  Finally  the most important, we can add music.  Not just any type of music, but for your Hawaiian vacation authentic Hawaiian music.   If it was Germany, German music., Italy, Italian music etc..   All productions will have authentic music to fit the location.  

These travel videos can be new footage or old.  It can be High Definition or old 8mm film.  It can be a lot of still shots that you took with your smart phone or old 35mm slides that your parents took 50 years ago.  So you get the picture, basically any format that you used to cover your vacation or even honeymoon, recent or old can be made into a travel video.  Of course any format can also be converted to DVD or Blu-ray to make the  production possible.  Make your photos or videos exciting!  Give it that exotic look.  We have a large selection of international music as well as American music to spice up your video.  If we do not have the music needed we can get it. 

These videos may also be used to promote a particular place ( city, town, country or state).   They could also be useful for a travel agency.

All of this is accomplished through professional editing, transitions, special effects, titles and as mentioned above music.   Narration can also be added if desired.   Of course we can keep the Natural sound that you want, as well.