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Video / Audio Transfers

"Keeping Memories Alive"

Vinyl  & Cassettes to cd

film to dvd

VHS to dvd

Audio Transfers

Like video tapes those old audio cassette tapes and vinyl records will also not last forever.  Preserve them today by transferring them to CD.

We can transfer all of those cassette tapes and vinyl records.  We will even improve the sound quality, as much as possible during the transfer. 

Those old vinyl records will eventually become unplayable.  With time vinyl will become moldy and this will create a static sound when played.  They may also become scratchy and skip when played. Another problem is many of the old vinyl records have not been reproduced onto a CD from the manufacturer.  The end result is you have a recording that may go away forever because of no reproduction.  

This process is very important for those who have old 78rpm records that are already very old and getting older.  These recordings that are particularly  important are the ones that your father or grandmother made.  For example  a recording of them  singing or playing an instrument.   Lastly it is possible that you don't even have any way of playing it. 

So contact us today to  transfer your vinyl to CD and protect those valuable recordings. 

Video Transfers

Don't let those memories be a box of fading photos, slides, film or deteriorating  video tapes.  Preserve them today by transferring them to video (DVD).  Over a period of time all of the old formats that are not digital will not last forever and eventually will be gone.  Do not wait until it's too late.  Act now and you will not be disappointed. 

We transfer all of those old super 8mm , 8mm , 16mm film and 35mm slides to video (DVD).  All of your VHS  and your SVHS tapes can also be transferred to DVD.  Also we transfer photos whether it be your father's old 35mm prints or photos that you took with your smart phone to video (DVD or Blu-ray).  You may also have High Definition video that you took with your smart phone that you would like to have put on DVD or Blu-ray.  We can do that as well.   If you have a format that needs transferring  that is not mentioned here please do not hesitate to ask.   You will not be disappointed.

For all video transfers we incorporate appropriate music to accompany each scene as well as utilizing the original natural sound and add narration (if desired).  Professional titles, special effects, transitions and editing are used to make your video look like a Hollywood movie.