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Please note that this demo reel contains older videos  that were not shot in High Definition  (1080) & Widescreen (16X9).

Today, however everything shoot is in High Definition & Widescreen.

You will not be disappointed, so call Watson Productions today for our Packages and Pricing.

"Keeping Memories Alive"


Wedding videography is one of our specialties  and we take great pride  in covering the most important day of your life.  At Watson Productions our purpose is to preserve the memories of your  wedding  day.  We shoot in nothing but High Definition, using a 3CCD digital video camera in widescreen (16X9) format.   We will videotape the whole day of your wedding from the bride's /groom's house to the ceremony, to the reception. 

There are two types of styles of wedding videos; Cinematic & Documentary.   A cinematic video of a wedding tends to look more like a film.  There would be more use of slow motion and more transition effects.  Also creative camera angles would  be used as well dramatic music.  The documentary style is more geared toward capturing that day, as it  happens and in the order it happens.

At Watson Productions we use a combination of Cinematic and Documentary style.   The final product on DVD or Blu-ray will be edited in order that the events occurred like the documentary style and yet will be very creative like the cinematic style with transitions and special effects along with moments of special music.   The partial cinematic style will not take away the realness of the partial documentary style.  We feel that this combination  makes for a perfect wedding video.  


A photo montage may be provided at the beginning of your video depicting the bride and groom growing up before they met and up to the day of the wedding with your favorite music.  We will cover the entire wedding day, not missing any important moments that occur.   The video will include professional titles, transitions, editing and special effects.   Also at the end of the video there will be a recap & highlights of your wedding which will be done in the cinematic style.